Strategic Values Eco-System PercorsiMPI

monetize WITH 54 strategic values

If you do not have "sufficient liquidity" you can replace it with 54 Strategic Values of the Eco-System PERCORSIMPI! You will be able to generate your Monetized Value to use in your purchases!

"I always believed it was possible to find a way to help those who at the moment did not have all the resources, not only financial, necessary to create their own Web Project ! I did it! "
Stefano todaro
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How much is 1 strategic value worth

Each Strategic Value can be transformed into money generating a Monetized Value from € 0.20 to € 1.00

valori strategici
formula 33 33 3 3

use the formula 33/33/3/3

1) Each Registered or Potential Customer, if he wants to Monetize our Strategic Values to be used for Orders over 300 € (al netto) must have at least 33 % of the total activation amount.

2) The 67% Monetized Value must be validated within 33 day periods.

3) You can pay your investment in installments in 3 Months!

4) Your Monetized Value will be tripled and transformed into Participation Vouchers for PROPAGA Campaigns as Sponsor or Offers!

how many and what are the strategic values

We have currently identified 54 Strategic Values that you can Monetize for your purchases.

quantità dei valori


Choose how to manage yourself

Choose how much Time to dedicate, how many and which Activities you can only do, and which and how many Activities you want to delegate. We are working for you !

You can accumulate the Values

The 54 Strategic Values generate as many types of Monetized Values that you will need to generate. You can accumulate these Values at different times!

You can pay in 3 months

The required financial availability will be 33% of the Offer and will be spread over 3 MONTHS , with Fixed Advance Monthly Installments and without added costs!

You can decide which Value

Some Strategic Values are also monetized with Specific Values , capable of generating double of the Generic Value ! This will make Compensation easier!

PROPAGA campaigns

The PROPAGA Coupons allow you to choose to participate in Propagation Campaigns or Conversion Campaigns as Sponsor or Offers !

You choose what to monetize

You choose how, what, when and with whom to generate your Strategic Value to be transformed into Monetized Value for each of your Order !

The first compensation

You have the possibility to Offset at 100% for 1 time only an Order of the maximum amount of € 300.00 for any Functionality & Online Service !

You will have to be aware

This Model of Monetized Value a Compensation declares your commitment to responsible manage your assets in a defined time .

Triple your money

The Value of the remaining part, 66% , will be tripled and transformed into Participation Vouchers for Sponsor and Offers in PROPAGA Campaigns !


With PROPAGA Coupons you can participate in the programming of Organic Campaigns or Payment planned by ErcUeb periodically!


PERCORSIMPI INVESTS with you in your brand!

We guarantee the supply of the Online Services reserved for you with our Offer, for the period chosen by you within which you undertake to generate all the Strategic Values selected.


It has never been so easy to save ...
you just need a little availability and good will!

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